Amazon’s Jeff Bezos described corporate brands as “What people say about you when you’re not in the room.” If you were a brand, what would its promise be? What could people expect from you? What behaviours would strengthen or weaken your brand?

This is not about polishing up your online persona. It’s about understanding the very core of you and managing how your promise and behaviours are seen externally.

About Rob Shimmin:

Rob Shimmin is a Henley Business School qualified coach with decades of experience building and protecting corporate brands. His coaching practice tailors the corporate branding approach to individuals, building powerful personal brands with a compelling brand promise supported by behaviours designed consistently to deliver against that promise.

Three phased approach:

1. How you’re seen. Rob helps his clients build an unvarnished picture of their true image – how they are perceived by others. Rob uses:

2. Who you are. It’s pointless trying to be someone you are not. You’ll agree a personal brand that helps you and others see:

3. What you do. Your brand can guide behaviours that deliver against the expectations you have set. Modular sessions draw on Rob’s decade of 360° branding at Ogilvy PR, strengthening the brand at every touchpoint:

Mutual commitment to measurable value:

Every programme is tailored to the individual with agreed measures to ensure value is delivered. Getting there takes time, focus and energy from both sides.


Terry O’Regan, Vice President and Managing Director UK & Ireland, Biogen
“Rob is like a good mirror where he illuminates your strengths and makes you aware of your blind spots.”

Tara Veit, Managing Director, Fuchshuber Techno-Tex GmbH
“Being an effective leader takes time, desire and hard work. If you are ready to put in the effort, I can assure you that working with Rob will produce positive results. I will continue to use what I have learned from Rob’s coaching for many years to come.

Rob brings a unique blend of real life experience along with a true passion for coaching AND he is just a great individual!”

Angela Guerra, Head of MS Scientific Communications, Biogen
“Rob Shimmins coaching is incredibly beneficial to my professional and even personal growth. His personal branding approach enabled me to identify the characteristics that make me ‘unique’ and enrich my strengths to bring more value and progress in my career.”

Gillian King, Senior Director, Regulatory Affairs, Vertex
“Rob helped me define my own personal brand. It’s not about being a completely different person, it’s about dialling up your strengths whilst being aware of your challenges and helping you control the perception others have of you. At the end of our sessions I always felt I remained true to myself but much more aware and focussed on how I project, making me more confident in managing how I am seen.”

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